Junior Golf at Kellys Golf Centre

Kellys Junior Golf:

At Kellys Golf Centre we pride ourselves on developing the game of our young golfers.  Throughout the year we provide a number of group courses, leagues, classes and tournaments which are all aimed at developing your childs understanding of the game of golf as well as developing their basic skills including some of the following areas:

  • Swing
  • Putting
  • Striking
  • Chipping
  • Driving
  • Golf rules and regulations
  • Etiquette of the game of golf.

We run 2 leagues throughout the year which take place every Saturday morning at 10am.  These leagues allow your child to play a competitive game of golf on a regular basis, but also allow them to develop their game on a weekly basis with the team at Kellys Golf Centre.

Kellys Summer League:

Date: March - September

The Kellys Summer League runs from March to September and is a hottly contested competition with a British Open Style Vase up for grabs for the winner.  The scores are calculated based on a handicap system which allows your child to understand the process of how the golf handicap works and how it can impact on their overall score in the round.  This also allows some of the younger golfers who are just starting out in the game to develop their skills in a competitive environment where they can have a change of getting points on a regular bas.

Kellys Winter League:

Date: October - February

The 2nd league runs from October to February and is the Kellys Winter League.  These months often see less people playing golf due to the shorter nights and change in weather, so the Winter League offers a great platform for your child to continue to develop their game all year round.  It will also prepare them for the coming golf season and get them ready for the year ahead.

Contact Us today to enquire about the Kellys Summer and Winter League.  Entry fee for your child is £1 plus their green fee (£3.50)