Kellys Winter League:

Date: October - February

The 2nd league runs from October to February and is the Kellys Winter League.  These months often see less people playing golf due to the shorter nights and change in weather, so the Winter League offers a great platform for your child to continue to develop their game all year round.  It will also prepare them for the coming golf season and get them ready for the year ahead.

The Kellys Winter League is open to all ages up to 16 and provides you with a great introduction to the game of golf.  This is a weekly league where everyone who enters will be given a handicap score that they can try to improve on over the course of the league.  The league is ranked on points basis with points given out every Saturday once the days play has been completed.

There are also weekly prizes for the top 3 golfers ensuring that our young golfers understand the process behind tournament golf and competitions.

There is a weekly entry fee of £1 and depending on whether or not your child holds an annual junior subscription, there may be a green fee to be paid as well (£3.50). 

Here is the current roll of honour of the Kellys Summer League:

Runner Up
2015/2016 Rían Carvill Matthew Lynch
2014/2015 Michael Colhoun Rian Carvill
2013/2014 Rian Carvill Gerard McAteer
2012/13 Rian Carvill Matthew Lynch
2011/12 Shane O'Hare Morgan O'Hare